Deluxe Lawn Care Program

Program Services in Pittsburgh & Surrounding Areas of Pennsylvania.

Our Deluxe Lawn Care Program has all of the features of our Traditional Lawn Care Program, plus a Fall aeration and overseeding step to promote maximum health and growth.

#1 Early Spring March/April
It is important to get your lawn off to a good start. This treatment will help your lawn "wake up" with a heavy feeding to promote strong growth. A pre-emergent crabgrass control is applied and broadleaf weed controls (weather permitting).

#2 Late Spring April/May
A gradual release fertilizer is applied to maintain vigorous growth and good color. A second application of pre-emergent crabgrass controls and broadleaf weed controls.

#3 Early Summer May/June As temperatures warm we will apply a summer blend extended nutrient release fertilizer. Persistent broadleaf weeds are treated and surface insect control is applied for full program customers at no additional charge.

Grub Proofing A preventative grub control is applied at the same time as the early summer treatment and guaranteed control of grub damage for one year after treatment.

#4 Late Summer July/August An application of slow release fertilizer is applied at this time to maintain a healthy turf while eliminating the burn potential. This treatment will help your lawn recover from drought and other heat related stresses. Persistent broadleaf weeds are spot treated.

#5 Early Fall September/October Fall is the best growing time of the year for turf grass. We will apply a heavy rate of fertilizer with complete micronutrient package for improved color. Weeds will be controlled as needed. This is a great time to schedule aeration and over seeding.

Fall Aeration & Overseeding Late August/October Fall is the best time to seed the lawn to introduce new and better grass varieties that are more resistant to insects and diseases. Fall aerations help to control the thatch layer, reduce soil compaction, and allows air, water and nutrients to more readily reach the root zone. Overseeding the lawn after an aeration work well because the seed is able to fall in the core holes left by the aeration for good soil, seed contact.

#6 Late Fall October/November This balanced feeding is one of the most important treatments of the entire season. This application will help your lawn recover from summer stress and prepare for winter. Persistent broadleaf weeds are treated.

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