Grub Proofing

lawn grubs


Grubs can destroy a lawn within a short amount of time. We won't let that happen. Our Grub Proofing service comes with a guarantee. If the grub worm resurfaces we will reapply your treatment free of charge.


Symptoms: Look for brown patches, irregular in shape, in early fall. Dead patches roll back easily, like a section of carpet. Birds, moles, raccoons, and skunks may damage a lawn looking for grubs.

Description: Grubs are the larvae of many kinds of beetles. They are whitish or grayish in color with brown heads and dark hind parts. They have three pair of legs, which distinguishes them from the legless billbug grubs. The adult beetles appear around the garden in the late spring or early summer.

Control: If your lawn is already infested with grubs, keep in mind that they are insulated by a layer of grass leaves, thatch, and soil. Applications need to reach below the soil surface to be effective. This is achieved by repeated heavy watering after application. If you have a grub problem contact us, we can help. PLEASE NOTE THAT CONTROLLING THE GRUBS WILL NOT CONTROL MOLE ACTIVITY IN YOUR LAWN.

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