Perimeter Pest Control

perimeter pest control services

Our Perimeter Pest Control will establish a barrier around the foundation to prevent insects and spiders from entering your home. We have designed a program that will control insect invasion. Once a barrier is established with your first treatment, regular applications will maintain the effectiveness of the barrier.

*Treatments will control seasonal pests such as mud daubers and earwigs, as well as recurring problem pests such as ants, silverfish, spiders, chiggers fleas and ticks. If you're not pleased with the results of any treatment, neither are we. We'll re-treat, at no charge.

Description of Perimeter Pest Control Service:

Our Perimeter Pest Control creates a protective barrier around the foundation, doors and windows of your home. The barrier is applied approximately 2 to 4 feet wide, up and out from the foundation, around the entire circumference of your home.

Recommended Frequency of Service:

A minimum of three visits annually is suggested to prevent activities of insects and spiders in relation to your home. Maximum frequency of service is five visits annually from March through November for best results. A residual pesticide does remain after initial service, how long the residual lasts is dependent upon weather factors, including rain, sunlight and insect and spider activity.

Perimeter Pest Control Pricing:

Each application is only $49.00 plus tax.(Homes over 5,000 square feet or additional treatment areas in addition to basic foundation spray may be subject to a price increase above $49.00)

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