Tree and Shrub Maintenance

tree pruning trimming and maintenance


Pruning of trees and shrubs is essential to plant health. Proper pruning of deciduous trees and shrubs begins with the removal of weak growth and thinning of branches. When the shrub to be pruned is grown for its flowers, pruning will be timed to minimize the disruption of the bloom. Spring flowering shrubs bloom on last season’s growth and should be pruned soon after they bloom. This allows for vigorous growth during the summer, to provide flower buds for the following year. Using the proper, professional tools and techniques associated with pruning trees and shrubs is very important to plant health. Improperly pruned plants can develop a variety of issues if incorrectly maintained.

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Trimming of shrubs will be done to maintain the plants natural size, shape and configuration. Dead and neglected shrubbery can ruin the appearance of a home and overall neighborhood. The timing of the trimming process and removing the correct amount of material is important for the plant to maintain healthy growth.

There is a BIG difference between pruning and trimming plant material. Our experienced professionals know how to maintain plant material correctly and identify any issues that may be discovered.

Seasonal trimming of plant material should be clearly understood and completed correctly to ensure effective plant health. Fall trimming should be done to prepare the plant material for the winter months and heavy snowfall.

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