A Homeowner's Guide to Pittsburgh Lawn Care

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There are some basics of lawn care that every homeowner in Pennsylvania should know. Lawns require proper care but often don't get it because the homeowner is unaware of some basic lawn care rules. Read on to learn the basics of how to properly treat your lawn.


Fertilization is a key component in keeping your lawn healthy. According to Businesswire, 57% of homeowners believe a brown lawn means that it's unhealthy. Although a brown lawn isn't necessarily unhealthy, fertilization can keep your lawn looking green and fresh. Make sure to hire a professional when it comes to this task. They typically have access to top-of-the-line fertilizers that can provide a higher quality of work. The top two things to consider when it comes to fertilization are the time of year and soil condition.

When Should You Fertilize?

The first factor that you'll need to consider is the time of the year. During the winter months, it may not be necessary to fertilize as often, but that can also depend on the type of grass you have. One example of this is the difference between Bermuda grass and Fescue. Bermuda grass is a warm-season grass that grows best in the spring and summer months. Fescue, on the other hand, is a cool-season grass that grows well in the fall and early spring. When you're having a consultation with a contractor, they can help you determine exactly what fertilizing services you need and when to use them. According to a study conducted by Business Wire, 44% of adults in the United States have hired a professional to handle their lawn care services. This fact shows you're not alone in recruiting the help of fertilizing services to care for your yard.

What's The Right Soil Condition For Fertilizing?

Soil condition is another important factor to consider when deciding how often to hire fertilizing services. If your soil is sandy, you will need to fertilize it more often than if your soil is loamy or clay. Sandy soil doesn't retain nutrients as well as other types of soil. Finally, the climate in which you live will also affect how often you need to fertilize your lawn. If you live in an area with hot, dry summers, you'll need to water and fertilize more often than if you live in an area with milder summers.

Fertilizing your lawn is an important part of lawn care, and it does take some careful consideration to make sure it's done correctly and on time. By taking these factors into consideration, you can develop a fertilizer schedule that will keep your lawn looking its best all year long! Give us a call today at Lawn Sense to develop your fertilizer schedule.

Foundation Pest Control

Many people overlook the fact that pests can infest your lawn, ultimately ruining it. It's important to take the proper precautions and look into a pest control service for your lawn. If you have pests running around on your lawn, there's a good chance they will try to get into your house for food. Make sure to be proactive and call professionals to eradicate any pests on your property before they can get into your home. Our technicians provide quality foundation pest control services you can count on. 

Mowing & Watering the Lawn

Lawn care is not just about planting the right seed and healthy soil. When and how you mow also plays a role in the health of your lawn. Mowing too much can damage your lawn, and not mowing enough can allow weeds to flourish. Lawns should be kept at the right height with sharp blades. Most professionals never take off more than one-third of the blade of grass. This helps keep the lawn healthy and looking fresh, enhancing your property altogether.

The average lawn requires one inch of water per week once established. A newly planted lawn may require watering as much as two times a day. There is a balance to watering your lawn. Too much water and you risk root rot, but not enough water and your lawn will not thrive. It would be best to water in the early morning rather than at night. Watering at night can cause fungus to grow.

Tips for Hiring a Lawn Care Company

According to Business Wire, 78% of U.S. adults have a home with a lawn or landscaping. This statistic shows that a majority of homeowners love having a beautiful lawn as a part of their home. That said, maintaining a beautiful lawn can be difficult. Due to the complexities involved in maintaining the appearance of a lawn, many homeowners opt for the services of a lawn care company. If you're a homeowner looking to hire a lawn care company for lawn maintenance, here are a few things to look out for:

  • Reputation
  • License and insurance
  • Customer service
  • Equipment
  • Price

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