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Lawn Care Services in Ross Township

Do you dream of having a beautiful lawn but struggle to find the time for yard work? Look no further! Here at Lawn Sense, we take care of everything for you. Our team has over 25 years of experience and is state-certified to provide the best lawn care service in Ross Township. Contact us today if you're looking for:

  • Lawn disease treatment and monitoring
  • Pre & post-emergent weed control
  • Fertilization applications
  • Aeration & seeding services
  • Tree & shrub care
  • Lawn insect control
  • And more!*

Our Expert Lawn Care Process

When you choose our team for your lawn care service, rest assured you'll receive the most thorough treatment possible. Our process includes:

  • Conducting a thorough inspection of your property to better understand its condition.
  • Creating a customized treatment plan unique to your lawn and its needs. 
  • Applying fertilizers to stimulate robust and vigorous growth of your grass.
  • Providing flexible options without requiring a long-term contract, ensuring that high-quality services are easily accessible to you.
  • Service from friendly, local technicians.

 * While we offer a wide array of lawn care services, we do not offer mowing.

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Lawn Care Services Customized For You

Your lawn is unique, which means there isn't a single lawn care solution that works for everyone. At Lawn Sense, our goal is to provide you with the best possible lawn care by tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of your property. First, we'll assess the current condition of your lawn and identify any existing problems. Then, we'll listen to your concerns and use our findings to create a customized treatment plan. This personalized approach ensures that you'll start seeing results as soon as possible.

Locally-Owned Since 1997

Lawn Sense is a family-owned and locally operated business that has been caring for lawns in Ross Township since 1997. Our dedicated team always prioritizes the customer's needs, resulting in consistent growth year after year. When you choose our team, you choose the team that cares.

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Aeration & Seeding in Ross Township

Are you frustrated with a lackluster lawn despite your best efforts? Soil compaction might be the culprit. Soil compression, caused by constant foot traffic and heavy rains, prevents the water, nutrients, and oxygen flow to the grassroots, resulting in thin patches and dead areas. Luckily, our lawn aeration in Ross Township is the perfect solution for you.

With our aeration and seeding services, you'll get:

  • A Healthier Turf: Our dethatching and core aeration techniques break up compacted soil, allowing vital elements like air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deep into the roots. This promotes healthier and stronger turf.
  • Quick Results: With our specialized machinery, we can quickly and efficiently remove excess thatch and create channels in the soil. This allows for immediate improvement in water absorption and nutrient uptake, resulting in visible results for your lawn.
  • Long-Lasting Treatments: Our core aeration method ensures that the soil plugs left on the surface gradually break down and integrate with the rest of the soil, preventing further compaction. This means that the benefits of our lawn aeration service will last long after we're gone.
  • Greater Rooting: By loosening up the soil, our lawn aeration and seeding service encourages deeper root growth. Stronger roots lead to more resilient grass that is better equipped to withstand stressors like drought, disease, and weeds.
  • Deeper Nutrient Release: Aeration allows for better nutrient absorption by the roots, providing your grass with the essential elements it needs for optimal health and growth. This ensures your lawn receives the nourishment it deserves.

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Weed Control in Ross Township

We understand that persistent weeds are a common problem in Ross Township, PA. That's why our team is well-equipped to handle them. No matter the weeds, we have the knowledge and experience to tackle them effectively. Our lawn spraying techniques and EPA-approved herbicides target existing weeds while preventing new ones from germinating. With our weed treatment, you can enjoy a weed-free lawn all year round.

Call us today for protection against:

  • Crabgrass
  • Oxalis
  • Dandelions
  • Dead nettle
  • And more! 

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Flea & Tick Control in Ross Township

At Lawn Sense, we offer more than just the perfect lawn- we ensure you can enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about fleas and ticks. These persistent pests can lurk in your yard for extended periods, just waiting for the right moment to infest your pets or even attach to your clothing. But worry not! Our specialized flea and tick control service in Ross Township is here to help. When you work with our team, you can expect:

  • A Thorough Property Assessment: We begin by conducting a meticulous inspection of your property. This allows us to understand your unique needs and the extent of the pest challenge.
  • EPA-Approved Solutions: Your safety and the environment are our top priorities. That's why we exclusively use EPA-approved products to eliminate fleas and ticks. These products are tough on pests but gentle on everything else.
  • Continuous Protection: Flea and tick control is an ongoing commitment. With our scheduled treatments, you can enjoy consistent protection against these pests.

Save $25 on Foundation Pest Control

The Lawn Sense Guarantee

Your happiness is our top priority! To ensure you have the best experience possible, our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any problems after our visit, let us know and our technicians will gladly make things right! That includes re-treating at no additional cost.

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5 Star Review

I've been using Lawn Sense for a few years now to treat my lawn. They come 6 times per year and tailor the lawn treatment to the season and what they see growing in my lawn. They always leave a note detailing what was done and what they found. I'm not sure I could do it myself for the price they charge and I'm certain I could not do it with the same precision and tailored treatment. Highly recommend

Gregory Vincent
5 Star Review

Been using Law Sense for several years. Very reliable and lawn looks GREAT ..... AGAIN!!!

Jim bowser
Main Office
5 Star Review

They have been treating my lawn for several years. They are easy to do business with, show up when they are supposed to, do the work well, and have reasonable prices. Plus my lawn looks great. I can't ask for more

Donald Bohach
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